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Short Tandem Repeats (STR) are short (2-6 base pairs), repeating, DNA sequences (e.g. (TATC)n), which are widespread throughout the human genome. They are very polymorphic for the number of repeats, which cause a great number of variations for the different STR markers during the evolution. There are very common and also very rare alleles in a population for a single STR and so there is a high probability that two persons have different alleles for the same STR marker.

The characteristics of STRs and the easy use of the PCR methods make them very popular for the areas of forensic investigation, paternity testing or clinic diagnostics. Exact and reliable allele frequencies for different ethic groups are needed for the biostatitic interpretation of STR results.

The ALLST*R database contains data of a huge number of allele frequencies for different autosomal markers and populations. The data were composed by the Qualitype GmbH from different sources and contain published and unpublished data. The information includes beside the allele frequencies of different markers, also general information about the markers, the populations, mutation rates, literature and other useful data. New allele frequencies for any STR marker can be contributed by any interested scientist to the scientific community. The database provide all necessary biostatistic reference values (like heterozygotie, PIC, etc.) and a unique accession number for the new data.

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